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Timothy J. Potter

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I learned to play the tin whistle when I was 14 years old. Along with playing, I enjoyed making my own simple whistles and tweaking those I bought to improve their sound. I liked this work, and as my whistle making and tweaking results improved over time, I began to seriously consider manufacturing tin whistles as a small business. So, after a couple of years of research and experiments using methods ranging from modeling clay to 3D printing, I developed my design to the point where I felt confident selling it. By combining economical small-scale production techniques with hand voicing and quality control, I hope that my whistles will provide musicians with satisfying sound quality and playing characteristics with an affordable price tag. Above all, my goal in my work and music is to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose craftsmanship is displayed in the universe He created, and whose merciful plan of salvation makes my life worth living.

"The Lord God is my strength and song, and is become my salvation." Psalm 118:14

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